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How To Save Water With Your Toilet?

How To Save Water With Your Toilet

Water conservation must top the char of our global priorities. With global warming and climate change taking a toll on our lives and gradually effective our lifestyle, it is important all the readily available resources and makes it sustainable. Water is one such resource that often people overlook due to its availability in abundance. Conserving water is highly important to save water for future use and protect our environment. Saving water simply means using the water supply adequately without wasting it. Though water wastage is a global concern, we can make a small contribution to it by starting at our home.

We use water in our household for various purposes, be it in the kitchen or garden. It is important to use water adequately in your house to avoid excessive wastage. Your toilet is the only place in your house that requires the maximum amount of water and it is also the area where water wastage is at its worst. Hence, to control the water wastage in your home, start with your toilet. You can find a lot of reasons to reduce the water wastage in your toilet.

Below are a few steps that you can follow to save water with your toilet and conserve it for future use.

Get A Low Flush Toilet

An average family of four has five flushes a day per person. The range can exceed according to each household use. Generally, toilet flush uses 5 to 7 gallons per flush. If you do the math, you would find that a household flushes around 35-40 gallons of water every day and that’s a disturbing number. We don’t even realize that we are actually wasting this much of water every day with just flushing the toilets. The most inexpensive effective means of saving water in the toilet is to get a low flush toilet that uses as little as 1.5 gallons of water with each flush. Best toilet brands provide such low flush toilets and you can get hands-on one such product to make things right.

Check Your Toilet For Leak

Not just flushing, toilet leaking can also contribute to water wastage. Sometimes the leakage is barely visible making it difficult to detect the leakage at the earliest. Little leakage can lead to massive wastage. Hence it is important to check for any leakage issues in your toilet. You can also detect the leakage on your own if it is not evident otherwise. Put dye or food color into the flush tank and watch if the color appears in the toilet without even flushing. If yes, then your flush is leaking and you are not aware of this. Call a plumber and get your tank fixed to avoid the wastage. While flushing frequency can be controlled, you can’t mend the leakage by yourself. Hence, it is important to get assistance from a plumber as soon as you detect there is a leak in your toilet flush.

Don’t Flush Things in Your Toilet

For convenience, people have a habit to flush things in the flush. Be it fallen hairs, tissues, paper, or any possible thing that you want to get to rid of, flushing things in the toilet is really a bad move when you are trying to conserve water. Flushing things will take an extra amount of water, generally, it requires two-three flushes to dispose of tissues or paper in the flush. As mentioned earlier, you flush use 5-6 gallons of water with each flush, so you can imagine how much water wastage you would be making by flushing things in the toilet. Hence, it is advised not to throw things in your toilet and try to flush it. Place a garbage box in your bathroom, so whenever you feel like getting rid of things when in the toilet, use the garbage box instead of flushing them.

Reuse Shower Water

It is quite evident that when you take shower there is a certain amount of water that overflows and drains out. Little do we know that the wasted water can be used for the flushing purpose? The most reformed way of saving your water is by using it to flush the toilet. You can use a bucket to collect the excess water from the shower and use it later for a flushing toilet. You are paying for the wasted water as well, so why wasting it completely when you can effectively use it for another purpose. Making use of the water in your shower for flushing purposes is one of the refined ways to save water in the toilet. Not only you are making the most of the water supply, but you are also saving your flushing water for future use. It is important to prioritize water conservation in your toilet and starting with your shower is the best thing you can do to make things considerably right.


Saving water has become a grave concern?. People need to be more aware of the hazards of water wastage. Though there are plenty of global initiatives taken so far to conserve water, we can make our little contributions by saving water at our home. Toilets witness a majority of water wastage and it is important to take strict action against such massive wastage.

The above mentioned were some of the tips through which you can save water with your toilet. Contribute to the global concern by reducing your water footprint. Follow the corrective measures and stop wasting water in your toilet.

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How To Use A Radar Detector?

How to use a radar detector? It’s not a difficult question, but if you are new to it, then you are in the right place. We will show you the way to set up, adjust, and use a best radar detector with the easiest way which doesn’t require any special techniques. Are you ready?

How to use a radar detector – What is it for?

A radar detector, technically, is an electronic device that can detect the electromagnetic waves coming into it. So why do drivers take advantage of this device?

Police or law enforcement usually use a device called “radar gun” to identify the estimated speed of vehicles going on the road. So, with a radar detector, drivers can realize if they are being monitored by police or not, then slow down the car before it passes the limited speed.

How to use a radar detector?

Thus, it could be said the radar detector helps us avoid being ticketed for speeding and then save a significant amount of money. In this article, we will only focus on the benefit of the radar detector 2020, which is to support drivers on the road. But before installing a radar device, you should be well-aware of some specifications. Here you are.

How to use a radar detector – Understanding the radar signals
Band alerts
It may be difficult at the beginning, but if you interpret and read the signals frequently, you will get used to it soon. The following are the band alerts that we often see: Ka Band, K Band, X Band, and Laser. These are also the bands that police and law enforcement use on roads.

Band Alerts on a radar detector
About 70 percent of police radar guns use Ka Band, 30 percent of them use K Band, and a few still use X Band. For the highway, the police usually apply laser due to its high technology and efficiency. Knowing band alerts is simple, but reading signals correctly is somehow more complicated.

Understanding the signals
As you can see, there is a graph or row of lights showing signal strength on the display screen. This indicates if the signal is strong or weak, then you can understand the waves are near or far from a distance. But strange situations happen in some ways.

Commonly, when you get nearer to the police’s radar, the signal column should be higher. But sometimes, you will meet the cops before your radar detects the waves and raises the signal column. What happens? It may be because of these scenarios:

Your radar detector is not well functional
Police point the radar gun in different directions, and then point back to your vehicles when you get closer
You are not installing the device correctly and then; it cannot receive sufficient waves
Therefore, be well-known of the band alerts, install carefully, read the signals correctly, and be aware of the strange situations.

How to use a radar detector – Installing
This is the first and essential step when you decide to roll your sleeves and get a radar detector. Installing the device correctly can also decide if you get trouble with the cops or not.
Mount the radar detector correctly.

It sounds simple but so crucial at the same time. As you may know, different position allows different signal strength; the weak signal will get you in trouble. So the ideal location is where the device receives the signal fast and sufficiently. We will show you two comfortable positions for this device.

Where to mount a radar detector?

Position 1: car’s windshield
Actually, this is what guiders suggest the beginners to install. You should mount your gadget in the center of the windshield, and this place may get strong signals the most. But is it totally true? “No, it’s not really”. This is the position where you can place the device comfortably, but it will be limited in receiving the signals.

Moreover, the cop’s radar guns often point to the headlights or car’s license number plate, which are more below the windshield. This is the reason why your signal is weak even when you mount the device in an unobstructed position. Thus, the car’s windshield is the right place, but not good enough.

Position 2: Dashboard or below
As explained above, to receive sufficient signals, you should install your device much lower than the windshield. The dashboard is a good position. However, wherever you put your radar detector, you must feel comfortable and easy to read and notice the signal so that you can act fast and quickly.

How to use a radar detector – Adjust mode

There are three modes you are going to use, which are suitable for each kind of road: city mode, highway mode, and auto mode.

You will set the city mode for your radar detector when driving in urban or central areas, which have a bit of heavy traffic.

Highway mode is for highway driving, and this is the primary mode we often use. As police usually shoot the radar guns in highways, this is the most beneficial mode in a radar detector, which helps you avoid speed traps effectively. It also keeps the detector’s sensitivity at the best performance.

Auto mode is for both urban and suburban areas. It just appears in some brands such as Beltronics and Escort. This mode helps you notice the driving speed while automatically adjusting the detector’s sensitivity.

Final words

Now you have your answer to the question: how to use a radar detector. As you can see, there is no difficulty in setting up or using that electronic device. It’s only the matter of where you are going to mount the device and how you read the signals.

Above are the easiest steps to use a radar detector in the correct way that anyone can do. Should you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to comment below for support.

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How much does a good chainsaw cost?

How much does a good chainsaw cost

You would like to start the job with wood and garden, you want to buy a chainsaw. Or you want to replace your old chainsaw. You are looking for the answer for how much does a good chainsaw cost? We are going to help you out by giving general information about chainsaw price in the market nowadays.

What is a good chainsaw?

It is the question that you need to answer first. Good chainsaw is the tool which can support you to work efficiently, it has to be strong, durable and sharp enough for your object. To find the good chainsaw, you need to think about what is your job, your purpose of work, what type of chainsaw you want, how much you can afford and how robust you need it to be.

In case that you just use it for occasional job, you can pick up a cheap chainsaw such as an electric corded chainsaw. However, if you want it to support you in sustainable jobs, hard object and frequent use, you have to think about an expensive petrol chainsaw. Don’t forget investing inappropriately protective clothing and helmet. If you have to work far away, you might need battery chainsaw because it is more convenient for you to carry out.

How much does chainsaw cost by type?

There is 4 main type of chainsaw, gas, electric, corded and cordless chainsaw. After you finish making a decision about what type you want, you can refer the price range of each type below to see what is suitable for your budget and your needs.

. Cordless electric chainsaw

This kind of chainsaw run on battery power and free from the cord. You can carry everywhere you expect. It is a good choice for those who work in a forest. however, they can take more than many gas saws, it features the short run time and slow speeds so it is not strong enough to deal with hard duty. Its bar lengths are about 12 inches for battery models. It normally costs from 200 to 400 dollars. It is quite expensive but it is so convenient.

2. Electric loppers

This is kind of cheap chainsaw, around 75 to 120 dollars because it is light and small. It is suitable for easy and small object. It is absolutely suitable for beginners or the one who fears about the chainsaw. Its cutting apparatus is mounted 2 feet away from the shielded and handgrips. The light model can make it easy to real a cut, especially in case you use the optional extension pole.

3. Gas chainsaw

Gas powered chainsaw tend to cut more quickly, strongly and smoothly than the electric one. Additionally, its faster chain speed requires less pressure. However, it is heavier, makes more noise and requires more fuel and regular service filter, spark plug, release exhausted fumes polluted environment. Chain bar length is about 16 to 18 inches for home owner saws and it will be longer for professional models. It is perfect for those who work with tender objects and hard work in a long time using and for professional in chainsaw with full knowledge. If you are tight budget you can get the lighter duty gas powered model. It costs around 180 to 450 dollars, depends on how pro it is.

How much does a good chainsaw cost2

4. Corded electric chainsaw

This kind of chainsaw has to have a plugin power cord. It costs less than gas-powered models. It cost around 70 to 300 dollars for one. Most of them are light and compact. You just need to plug them in and squeeze the trigger. However, it features the slower swing speed, so it can only deal with lighter duty chores. Besides, it limits you by the power cord, so you just can work close to the power place. You need to buy 14 gauge or even heavier 12 gauge extension cord for optimal performance.

What protective things do you need?

Ear defenders: chainsaw is so noisy and prolonged, it can cause the hearing issue. Thus, you need to by ear defender which cost about 5 to 10 dollars.

Helmet: that is a hard hat designed to protect your head and your eyes from flying woodchips and dust. You can buy the helmet with built-in ear defenders. You don’t need to buy the separated ear defenders. It can cost around 20 to 50 dollars.

Chainsaw trousers: it made from layers of special fabric which designed to slow the chain down by snagging it. It helps to lessen the injury. It can cost you around 50 dollars for a cheap on and 200 dollars for the expensive trousers.

Chainsaw gloves: it will cost about 30 to 35 dollars. It is designed to protect hands while it also flexible enough to support your work comfortably.

Safety boots: it can cost around 50 to 100 dollars for a pair. You should buy the one which has the steel toe cap and the nice grip, it helps to prevent slipping.

In conclusion

your budget is a very important factor, you should know how much money can you invest in a chainsaw. You can choose the cheap or expensive model, but it has to be suitable for your work, your needs and how often you use it. I hope that my sharing can help you a little bit in selecting good chainsaw for you.